MEZ Unexpected: Machine Coverings for Food Processing Plants

In compliance with specified hygiene standards, economical material selection and individually adapted optimisation concepts, our machine enclosures ensure that everything is in order during the production of chocolate or breakfast rolls. 


The demands on the food industry’s equipment are as diverse as its products. While some machines are the size of large freezers, elsewhere production lines extend over several floors of a building. Heat, cold, extreme temperature differences, sound insulation, vibration resistance – the list goes on. However, some specifications are common to all systems: they must be easy to clean, air-tight and liquid-tight, and safe for the operating staff. Our designers keep an eye on all relevant norms needed to develop a food-safe, clean, and economical enclosure.

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Hygiene – the End-all, Be-all for Food Housings

Where food is produced, dirt obviously has no place. That’s why we have an eye on possible sources of dust and liquids right from the first design draft of an enclosure – from drainage slopes for production residues and the sealing of all cavities and interfaces to the appropriate surface treatment. This also includes the use of food-safe materials. Welding work on stainless steel is carried out by our production specialists with the usual precision, and in a separate production area for reasons of corrosion protection.


Expert Advice Right from the Start

It is the little things that make our protective enclosures for food applications so exceptional. For example, a space-saving recessed ergonomic door handle with emergency release. A particularly space-saving design that can be transported by forklift truck. Or a cost-effective and practical solution that relies on thinner material reinforced only at the relevant points. Our designers plan for series production from the very first moment and advise on how the design of your machine enclosure can be implemented as efficiently, economically and user-friendly as possible.

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