MEZ Innovative: Machine Housings for the Semiconductor Industry

Maximum requirements for safety, quality, and cleanliness: the strict standards of chip production also apply to plant cladding. Thanks to our own cleanroom and comprehensive know-how for complex assemblies, we develop and manufacture customised solutions for this discerning industry.


Hardly any other sector is experiencing such a boom as the semiconductor industry. Without microchips, the complex electronics that control smartphones and the autonomous cars of the future would not be possible. During the production of the miniscule chips, dust and other dirt particles are an absolute no go – which is why entire plants are operating under cleanroom conditions. We meet the necessary specifications with our machine housing, thanks in part to our own cleanroom for sheet metal assemblies and the know-how of our design experts.

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Quality, Ease of Use and Safety Down to the Last Detail

An important aspect of the special conditions at the end customer: in the cleanroom, the fine motor skills of the employees and also the assemblers are significantly restricted by protective gear and gloves. For this reason, our designers ensure right from the development stage that the joints of our enclosures fit together perfectly and are easy to assemble, that every part of the system remains easily accessible for maintenance and cleaning, and that even the most remote corners of the enclosure meet maximum quality and safety requirements. At the same time, they work with our customers to ensure that any changes to the complex plant are translated into a customised, backwards-compatible enclosure solution.


Particle-free Enclosures from the MEZ Cleanroom

We meet the extreme cleanness requirements of the semiconductor industry right from the start of our production in Reutlingen. We assemble and clean individual sheet metal assemblies in our own cleanroom. And to ensure that every component of the housing remains particle-free even when in transit, we have developed a comprehensive packaging and transport concept.

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