MEZ Advanced: Operator’s Cabs and Cabins for Construction Machinery

Sophisticated design meets strict scheduling in series production: crane cabins and superstructures for road construction machinery are a focus of our sheet metal processing. For over 25 years, our experts have been using their experience to optimally balance these challenges.  


When it comes to vehicle superstructures and compact cabs for mobile cranes and construction machinery, mechanical engineers face tough challenges not only in terms of functionality, but also in terms of design. After all, the cab should fit seamlessly into the design of the overall vehicle. The result are fine sheet metal constructions that comprise several hundred components – and usually cannot be realised with the help of welding robots. On top of that, the batch sizes of the series are sometimes relatively small and there is a need for maximum reliable just-in-time delivery. All this poses no problem for our experienced sheet metal experts.

Our services:


Quality Manufacturing for Advanced Thin Sheet Metal Requirements

In order to reconcile appearance and stability, we combine laser, bending and joining technologies in the production of our operator’s cabs. An example are our A-pillars, whose double-rounded spars meet design specifications with minimal tolerances of a few millimetres. At points inaccessible to welding robots, our specialists provide support with welded joints that are carried out by hand under the highest quality standards. In addition, we also take care of surface treatment for our customers – from galvanising to cathodic dip painting and, where required, to powder coating.


Just-in-time Delivery Guarantees Maximum Reliability and Flexibility

We can draw on around 25 years of experience in compact cabs in a wide range of batch sizes: We produce small quantities of customised crane cabs as well as larger series of up to 1,000 cabs annually for a renowned customer. In addition, we supply around 200 superstructures for mobile crushing plants to another manufacturer. In order to ensure that everything always arrives at exactly the right time, our buffer warehouse offers additional supply security and flexibility in the event of production peaks or fluctuations.

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Sebastian Linder, Vertrieb MEZ GmbH

Sebastian Linder
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