The requirements of our prototypes are enormous.

Just as well.

We like to go into details:

In case of machine claddings, enclosures or protective cladding.

We, from MEZ, are the specialists for enclosures. As metal builders- and processors, as well as being welding- and sheet metal specialists at the same time, we combine manufacture with engineering. Benefit from our extensive know-how and utmost excellence for details - all coming from one source.

Prototypes that have got it:

From a thin sheet design to special housings.

We manufacture prototype for all areas of machine construction: starting with machine cladding, via thin sheet designs to special housing. All in a unique quality: from the development via the production to the assembly at the customer’s location.

Cost-effective Engineering

This is what makes us stand out from other competitors: MEZ employs a team of engineering specialists. Together they represent the ideas, concepts and planning finesse, which makes our product quality unique. This is why our prototypes only miss one thing compared to the solutions used so far; the average appearance. Our engineers, who are involved in every project right from the start, take care of that. To start with, they carry out an exact analysis of the special plant properties, the periphery and the operating-depending dynamics. For you, as a customer, this is of great advantage. Due to a well-prepared design as well as keeping the material- and production costs as low as possible, the cost-benefit ratio always keeps the balance .

Project Management with a Vision

Our customer services start even prior to the actual start of the project, simply by asking the right questions and supplying answers where they have so far not been given. This is enabled by a competent, conscientious service, which places its emphasis on the principle “Together” disciplined, and in close coordination with the customer. This is why your MEZ project manager is always in control of even the most complex projects at any time: from the development via the production to logistics and assembly. This is a customer service as we see it. You are excited with the excellent solutions and keep control of the costs during every phase of the project.

Well thought-through Solutions

If one is looking for the optimal solutions for one’s customer, one should place utmost emphasis on precision oneself. Just like you. This is why MEZ does not offer results “ready-made“, but only perfect tailor-made solutions that almost do away with tolerances. Our solutions do not only function ex works right away, but do offer already series standard. We are pleased to supply evidence for this by being placed under an airstream hood. The airstream reveals any irregularity, it makes it immediately apparent, whether a “precision production” keeps, what it has promised: complex shapes, invisible welding seams, finest grinding. MEZ will make such a hood available to you at any time – if requested, directly at the trade show stand. Quality conscious? Without any ifs and buts

Maximising the Function

We give everything with every prototype. Because as a housing specialist we know what an enclosure can do. This is why all important functions are fully integrated already at the development stage and the pre-assembly. Door functions, cable channels, electronic- and pneumatic elements are the real challenges. Here is an example from our daily practice: If a door closes such that it can be felt, a control light is superfluous. This is how simple functions can be maximised.

Skin-Core Concept

Prior to the start of a project, we obtain an exact picture of the special properties, the work process, as well as the area of application of the machine. Only after we know all relevant factors, we start to develop a suitable enclosure. In this process we are guided by the fact that every machine enclosure has to fulfil individual requirements, as e.g. the sound protection. Thus the enclosure to be created becomes an extended part of the core - irrespective of whether it is a plant cladding, housing, or an encapsulation. This is why we at MEZ talk of “applications”, “shapes”, or “self-supporting cladding” that does justice to their “inner value”.


Function fulfilled – shape accomplished. We are always trying to surpass our customer’s requests. This has resulted in future-oriented modular systems with a tandem use - highly flexible at a cost-efficient production. Additionally, the latest design studies show, how production processes can be made more efficient, and the areas of logistics and assembly can be improved. Hard work for us to make something look like this: screws and guides at the inside, design and clear lines at the outside.

Quality of Craftsmanship

Quality products by MEZ are not only recognisable by the logo. The precision with which our prototypes are manufactured is unique. It is, for example, visible at the edges and corners, which are all grinded tidily and homogenously. And we guarantee to process details in places, where they are not relevant to the machine function but important from an optical point of view. Processing metal and sheet metal expertly is of utmost importance at all three of our production locations. And the construction of prototypes depends heavily on handicraft skills. We, at MEZ, accept this challenge and undertake to produce welding seams in such a perfect way that it looks as if a laser robot has actually done the work.

Processing Competence

Each part manufactured by us must comply with the same standard: the best. With quite a simple objective in mind: Quality at a reasonable price. The production planning- and control system ascertains a perfect workflow management. High quality tools - especially for bending - guarantee the highest possible precision. Structures, surfaces, or corners, whether large or small or hidden behind the cladding: The expertise of our engineers and workers is visible in every detail of our housings. We will be pleased to show you, how our processing competence is created.

Crane Hook Solution

MEZ’s supreme discipline: solution for a crane hook. Everything thought through, everything integrated. The only thing left to do is to lift the cladding by a crane and place it over the machine. Subsequently the connections are made and then everything is ready, as promised to your customer.

So that all processes are interrelated, planning, logistics, and assembly go hand in glove. In particular in case of crane hook solutions, a detailed concept is the secret of success.