There are no unsolvable tasks.

Only insufficient ideas.

Engineering – that can do more:

From the development to the final assembly.

MEZ engineers make the impossible possible many times: From optimising and further developing existing components, via innovative solutions for steel- and welding constructions to developing and designing mechanical system components.

Our standard:

Decisive design solutions.

Irrespective of, whether the enclosures and machine claddings are made of thin metal or steel, and welded constructions with a high degree of sheet metal: We unite reliable function with a pleasing design any time, at competitive production costs.

Project Management

Our engineering team develops new ideas, removes bottlenecks, counteracts personnel fluctuations or increases the capacities. We are the team for sophisticated tasks - with a concentrated engineering know-how and long standing project experience. Highly complex tasks, a multitude of requirements and tight deadlines: If you take your time at the beginning to ask the right questions, you will be rewarded in the end with solutions that have really deserved the term “innovation”.

Engineering Plus

Our engineering expertise supports and relieves you across the overall design process: from the first idea via the project- and quality management to looking after the production and optimising all steps. To this end we develop and design components or improve existing component groups - far beyond their practical requirements. And in doing so, we keep the ambient conditions and productions requirements in mind - reliably. Additionally, our engineers are available to support you during the production of your sheet metal constructions.

Own Production

MEZ has capacities available to manufacture also large sheet metal constructions with excellent results. Our team does not only consist of engineers but also of more than one hundred employees in production, part of whom are real welding artists and steelt metal experts, producing prototypes and small series for demanding customers, which will be to your advantage in several aspects. On the one hand it is ascertained that we always have the practical aspect in mind. On the other hand we are able to also offer this production service as a package.

Proven Software

For more than 20 years we have been using the “Creo Elements” software to realise our solutions. Well proven, it supports our demanding creative and constructive tasks. In this way designs can be developed intuitively or directly by dynamic interactions. The decisive advantage for you is that the software used by us supplements not only our production without any problems, but can be linked to any current programmes via interfaces, if required.

Own calculations

As one of the few engineering service providers for steel- and welding constructions in Germany, we use the ANSYS system for our calculations. Whether it concerns the stability, loading capacity or longevity, we are able to carry out all decisive simulations of the design on a virtual model at an early stage. Thus optimising potentials can be made apparent and certain details improved. This means for you: improved workflow, as well as a clear advantage regarding costs, speed, and quality.


Design becomes increasingly important in the machine construction. Everywhere a special know-how is required. We comply with standards and regulations and they are incorporated into the design and manufacture. To this end we refer to the International Food Standards (IFS) amongst others, and take care to implement these into the hygienic design. And for this reason we work closely together with our customer’s designers, and, if required, also consult experienced industrial designers. The most important thing is that everything fits in the end - according to the motto: function fulfilled, shape completed.

Team- Competences Custom-made

You are looking for high performance series constructions that will comply even with the highest requirements? In working for you we rely on the experience and creativity of our teams, where competences supplement each other ideally. Our development engineers and design specialists, technicians and technical drawers know exactly, what is important to you. Therefore we are able to put together teams that fit your requirement profile exactly.


MEZ prepares a complete technical documentation for each project according to the latest guidelines and standards, in compliance with the machine guideline 2006/42/EC. Every customer receives the technical documentation upon delivery on a data carrier. Here everything is stored that is needed for the production. From the technical drawing via parts lists to the assembly instructions that contains all inspections and conformity evidence required by the machine and ATEX-guideline.