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The provider of this telemedia service is


Lichtensteinstraße 150
72770 Reutlingen
represented by the Managing Director, Georgia Brielmann

Company location is Reutlingen

Trade Register: District Court of Stuttgart, Registration No. HRB 753294

VAT: DE813348021

Telephone +49 7072 917-0
Fax +49 7072 917-222

for the contents:
Georgia Brielmann
Lichtensteinstraße 150
72770 Reutlingen

Data protection officer:
Christian Breitbarth
Wannenweg 8, D-72534 Hayingen
T +49 7386 7379976

Liable for own contents

A guarantee or responsibility for the completeness, technical or editorial errors, omissions, etc. as well as for the correct information on this internet offer cannot be given. We are responsible for our own contents that we make available for use in accordance with the generally applicable law.

Our own contents must be differentiated from reference that is made to the contents of other providers.

Liability of contents offered by third parties

References made by links to contents of external internet offers only serve as information.

Only the provider, who makes the contents available, is responsible for these external offers. The external internet offers were checked prior to the reference being installed. We do, however, not guarantee the information of a reference or link to be complete and correct. The contents of other internet offers can be changed at any time without our knowledge.

References and links on third party websites do not mean that we accept the contents of the reference of link to be our own. The contents do not represent a responsibility from our part on the data and information made available there. We have no influence on the contents made available under the link. We are therefore not liable for illegal, faulty or incomplete contents and damage caused by using one of the contents under the link.

Amendment of information made available

We reserve the right to change, supplement or remove information made available without prior noticen.

Protected Contents

This website contains data and information of all kinds that is copyright and/or trademark protected in favour of MEZ GmbH or in an individual case also in favour of a third party. This applies particularly to texts, pictures, graphics, sound-, video-, or animation data files, including their arrangement on individual internet sites. It is therefore not permitted to download, reproduce and distribute the website as a whole or parts thereof.

Permitted is, however, above all the reproduction due to technical reasons for the purpose of browsing, as long as this action does not serve a commercial purpose, as well as a permanent reproduction for private use. Information (brochures, forms, information sheets, etc.) offered as a download for private use can be saved and printed out. A reprint and the evaluation of press releases are permitted by quoting the source. Overall the publication (also in the internet), processing or commercially using all contents (or parts thereof) may only be done upon having obtained our approval resp. that of the copyright owner/author.

Set a Link/Framing

It is permitted to set a link on this website, as long as it only serves as a cross reference. We reserve the right the recall the permission. Framing is not permitted on this website.


The user uses the internet at his own risk. We are not liable for an internet failure resp. access to the internet due to technical reasons.

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