The quality is unique.

Unless you want to go into serial production.

We are unique in serial production:

Whether housings, protective claddings, or control panels.

When sheet metal components go into serial production, every part counts. In sports terms: producing highest performance permanently - if necessary, 24 hours per day. We are well prepared for such a performance. With sheet metal and stainless steel. In small and growing batch sizes.

Hightech in Series:

From casings to vehicle superstructures and - cabins.

Highest quality is the result of our series production. Complex metal parts or welded components: Know-how in the metal processing becomes apparent in a precise manufacture that is what makes our sheet metal components, plant cladding and encapsulation unique.

Absolute Reliable Delivery Dates

Only a production process that is precisely planned and which harmonises the human and machine factor is able to ascertain what a serial production is all about: absolute reliability; as all processes and their control are closely interlinked. Therefore, you as a customer have a contact partner at MEZ available to you - for every new project and across the whole project. It is not important, how complicated your series may be: We guarantee you to produce at an individual part level and maintain that level through every single stage of the manufacturing process, starting from the material storage right through to the delivery logistics. Simply tell us your desired delivery date and we look after a punctual delivery .


A strong team of engineers is necessary for a serial production. Our engineers and technicians offer constructive ideas for the benefit of every series.

Engineering-know-how permeates the production. Due to the engineers being close to Production, they generate completely new impulses. To this end we can optimise the design right at the start, which will later on influence the production and assembly positively - individually, for every project. The series production reflects our competence. Our customers must be put into a position to talk to their supplier at eye-level.

Logistik with a Buffer

Fast, economic, and reliable, in short: Just-in-time. Thus our logistics offer you assurance for your planning and calculation and a smooth production at the same time. In case of large series, we work with a buffer system so that we are always able to ensure your supply and react fast to fluctuating requirements. This offers two advantages: our ability to supply becomes tangible and your storage is relieved due to our production process being optimised to batch sizes.

Quick Reaction

The fact that we supply highest quality with every part does not mean that we are not flexible. On the contrary. Sometimes we are able to exceed our customer’s expectations with our fast reaction. To this end we make use of our precise production to react fast and structured to customer requests. Due to synchronising many interfaces we can produce exact results. Most of the time, our engineers are also involved in the amendment processes. They supply ideas in order to convert new requirements for a running series.

Excellent in Details

Highest quality from within and without. This statement in respect of the perfection is reflected in every MEZ product, even in case of highly complex projects, in perfectly welded seams as well as in precise interfaces. Especially in case of small series handicraft expertise and skill is important. Excelling in details shows, for example, in the fact that there are no screws visible from the outside. Thus a clear line is created that is typical for our design standard and which can also be found in our way of designing the corners. Every detail reflects the care and a consistent quality.

Low Cost Strategy

In order to achieve our ambitious target in respect of costs, we reduce our manufacturing costs for series to a minimum. This is made possible by optimally using the raw materials and also with the assistance of our same part- and batch size strategy. In this way we reduce, for example, the diversity of parts for closing - and guiding elements. We reduce our costs further by using modules. We plan for several orders and aim at short lead times so that we can pass our cost savings onto our customers - also in case of complex and complicated designs.

Cycled Flow Production

MEZ is able to prepare a cycled flow production for a specific project at any time. Apart from space and resources, this also requires us to be flexible and acting target-oriented. We are continuously checking the processes in respect of an efficient production organisation - also with the aim to reduce the lead times. In order to increase the ability to supply and to reduce the stock of materials sustainably, we have - amongst others - introduced the Kanban system. Here, the availability of material depends exclusively on the use during the production processes.

Quality Management

We are, of course, certified according to ISO 9001. The design as well as the production follows clearly structured procedures. We offer utmost transparency at each project phase. The high quality standard is monitored, and ascertained by regularly carried out internal audits. Our internal proposal system compliments the continuous improvement process. Also our employees in Poland work according to Swabian standards. They were trained in Germany and have accepted our high quality standard as well as our working philosophy 1:1.